UK activities on surgical robotics have significantly increased over the past decade. The research community, however, has never been brought together to discuss how to best shape the future of the field together, highlight the most critical and impactful research directions, and produce a document that can be used to shape science policy and the funders’ perspective.

The current White Paper on Surgical Robotics is already several years old, and in need of collaborative update. This workshop will bring together multi-disciplinary international experts from the domain of surgical robotics, and in particular 1) laparoscopic surgical robots, 2) continuum surgical robots, 3) intra-corporeal robots, 4) microrobots.

Based on opinions that have already been captured via a questionnaire, a draft of the surgical robotics white paper will be put on the table for discussion, critique, and amendment.

Our goal is to use this workshop as a platform that captures the voice of every engaged surgical robotics researcher in the UK. The produced white paper should represent our community’s successes, obstacles, and aspirations clearly and confidently.

Learning outcomes:

  1. To review the historical track record and current UK highlights in the field of Surgical Robotics
  2. To identify and summarise the UK’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in surgical robotics
  3. To encourage discussion and review of specific recommendations addressing the UK’s future efforts in the field
  4. To co-create and subsequently publish a white paper formalising the UK RAS community’s position on the subject of surgical robotics – past, present and future


This workshop is worth 1.5 CPD points, please register to qualify for certification.