We are pleased to announce Professor Joseph Wang, Distinguished Professor and SAIC Endowed Chair, is one of the featured speakers of the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2021 (#HSMR21).

Professor Wang gave a talk on ‘Micromotors Go In Vivo: From Test Tubes to Live Animals’ followed by a Q&A session.


Nanoscale robots that can effectively convert diverse energy sources into movement and forces represent a rapidly emerging and fascinating robotic research area. Such nanoscale robots offer impressive capabilities, including greatly enhanced power and cargo-towing forces, multi-functionality, easy surface functionalization, and versatility. The new capabilities of modern nanorobots indicate immense potential for a variety of biomedical applications, and should have major impact on disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention [1]. Recent in vivo applications using different types of biocompatible and biodegradable microrobots will be illustrated, including enhanced drug delivery towards enhanced treatment of stomach bacterial infection, active vaccine delivery, autonomous gastric fluid neutralization, the ability to selectively localize at desirable segments of the GI tract, or efficient intracellular delivery of functional proteins and nucleic acids.


1.     J. Li, B. Esteban-Fernández de Ávila, W. Gao, L. Zhang, J. Wang, Micro/nanorobots for biomedicine: Delivery, Surgery, Sensing, and Detoxification, Science Robotic 2 (2017) eaam6431.