We are pleased to announce Professor Pierre Jannin, DR2 Inserm, HDR, PhD, University of Rennes, France, is one of the featured speakers of the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2021 (#HSMR21).

Professor Jannin gave a talk on ‘Surgical Skill Analysis’ followed by a Q&A session.


With about 250 millions of surgical procedures worldwide per year, surgical quality is a crucial societal issue. Increasing surgical quality may occur through the whole perioperative process from diagnosis, strategy decision, planning, performance and post-operative evaluation, as well as through initial and continuous learning. Computer assistance is required at each step. Computer assistance is somehow implemented at different levels of automation. Relevant collaboration between surgeons and automation systems relies on explicit understanding and modeling of surgical competencies  In the presentation, I will illustrate such approach by examples covering different aspects of surgical skills from technical to non-technical ones, such as the evaluation of surgical procedural skills, the development of a surgical simulation system for training procedural skills based on an interactive and collaborative virtual reality environment and the study of neurosurgical non-technical skills.