The introduction of robots into the operating room has redefined many concepts of traditional surgery. The next significant forward leap is expected with the introduction of intelligent systems that can operate autonomously, or semi-autonomously in cooperation with the surgeons.

In this quest of intelligence, growing synergies from diverse scientific fields emerged: from machine learning to human-machine interaction, from knowledge representation to collaborative robotics. This opens to a new research field, Cognitive Surgical Robotics, that includes many areas involved in the integration of advanced cognitive capabilities into robot-assisted surgical procedure.

Building on the success story of the workshop held at HSMR’19 with more than 15 speakers and more than 100 attendees, we propose a second edition of this workshop with a very different format and a brand-new list of speakers. The aim of this event is to explore the next generation of surgical robots from different angles. Starting from the review of the state-of-the-art in surgical robotics, and the latest technological solutions, we will further discuss the specific research challenges related to Cognitive Surgical Robotics, address its commercial perspectives, and the possibilities of its effective deployment in clinical practice.

Four speakers from surgical, industrial and technology areas will be invited to present their opinion on topics such as surgery, robotics, artificial intelligence, and industry. With their different background, experience, interests and goals, these experts will help us drawing a comprehensive picture of the problem, marking the current state of the practice and identifying the most interesting research directions for the near future.

The workshop will end with a round table session to summarise the key elements of cognitive robotic surgery and the main challenges to be addressed in the coming years.



5min: Introduction & Welcome (Riccardo Muradore)
20min: Marco Zenati, Harvard Medical School – AI Coaching to infer Team Mental Model Alignment in Healthcare
20min: Jessica Burgner-Kahrs, University of Toronto – Through the Keyhole: Towards Autonomy for Surgical Continuum Robots
20min: Pierre Jannin, University of Rennes – Challenges in Situation awareness for autonomy in surgical robotics

15min: Break

20min: Andreas Melzer, University Leipzig & University of Dundee – Robotics for Image guided Therapy and FUS
20min: Round Table, Q&A and Discussion (Chairs Paolo Fiorini, Francesco Setti)


This workshop is worth 2 CPD points, please register to qualify for certification.


Professor Marco Zenati

Dr. Marco Zenati is the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at the U.S. Department of Veterans…

  • Talk: AI Coaching to infer Team Mental Model Alignment in Healthcare
  • Role: Workshop Speaker

Professor Pierre Jannin

Pierre Jannin is a INSERM Research Director at the Medical School of the University of…

  • Talk: Challenges in Situation awareness for autonomy in surgical robotics
  • Role: Workshop Speaker