The Hamlyn Centre aspires to become the outwards facing identity for healthcare robotics at Imperial College, where academics, researchers and students feel represented and empowered to contribute to the centre’s vision.

For the last decade, the Hamlyn Centre has brought together medical practitioners and engineers to develop technology for the benefit of patients. With researchers working on a wide range of topics including surgical robotics, wearable sensors and medical imaging, the Hamlyn Centre is well positioned to champion medical technology innovation.

The Hamlyn Centre facilities offer state of the art capital equipment at the service of researchers and innovators, both within Imperial College and further afield. They include fast prototyping technology for surgical robotics (e.g. 3D Printing, Micromachining, ISO certified cleanrooms), large scale testing and development equipment (e.g. mock operating theatre, gait analysis laboratory, and monitoring room) and robotics research platforms (e.g. DVRK, Raven II, Kuka LWRs).

Example recent projects include fluorescence imaging for breast conserving surgery, next generation robotic catheter development, autonomous robotic scanning of deformable tissues, micro and soft robotics, deep learning for 3D reconstruction and more.



Prof. the Lord Ara Darzi


Prof. Ferdinando Rodriguez y Baena

Academic Members

Prof. Dan Elson (Director of Studies)
Prof. Eric Yeatman (Micro-Robotics for Surgery)
Prof. Etienne Brudet (FAIR-SPACE)
Dr. Stamatia Giannarou
Dr. Benny Lo
Dr. George Mylonas
Dr. Alex Thompson
Mr. Daniel Richard Leff