The Robotics and Vision in Medicine lab creates micro-surgical robots that navigate the human anatomy to locally delivery drugs, regenerative therapies and perform safe biopsies.

The team works at the interface of interventional image analysis and robotics, focusing on the creation of clinically relevant systems that are co-developed in collaboration with clinical partners.

Group PI

Dr. Christos Bergeles

Dr Seyedmohamadhadi Sadati
CME Fellow
Dr Patrice Lambert
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Sotiris Nousias
Research Assistant
Theodoros Pissas
Research Assistant & PhD Student
Claudio Ravasio
Research Assistant & PhD Student John Bason Mitchell
PhD Student
Zisos Mitros
PhD Student
Ross Henry
PhD Student
Hans Natalius
PhD Student
Zicong Wu
PhD Student
Charalampos Komninos
PhD Student
Jeremy Birch
PhD Student
Anestis Mamplekos-Alexiou
PhD Student

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