The EPSRC UK-RAS (Robotics and Autonomous Systems) Network was established in 2015 with the aim of bringing together academic centres of excellence, industry, government funding bodies and charities to strategically grow the UK-RAS research base, acting as a portal to interface with industry and deliver technological advances for translational impact.

The Network provides academic leadership and expands collaboration with industry while integrating and coordinating activities at EPSRC funded RAS capital facilities, Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) and partner universities. Since its foundation, the UK-RAS Network has helped transform the UK-RAS research landscape, bringing cohesion to the research base, enhancing capital facilities across the country, supporting education programmes and public engagement activities at all levels.

The UK-RAS Network has grown significantly in the last 4 years from 13 to 30 university partners and is still expanding. Key activities include the UK Robotics Week, the annual postgraduate & early career UK-RAS Conference, as well as the School Robot Competition and other public engagement activities, such as workshops, exhibitions and the RAS white paper series.

Check out their extensive programme of activities this summer:

The Robotics Summer Showcase: a 3-month programme of online events in the summer of 2021 showcasing the cutting edge in UK robotics research and industry to a diverse range of audiences.

This exciting programme will run from May to July and feature a variety of events from across the Network aimed at engaging the RAS community, helping to create meaningful connections and foster collaboration.

The UK Festival of Robotics: is a 7-day celebration of robotics and intelligent systems will take place between the 19th and 25th June 2021 and will feature an exciting programme of online events, competitions and activities for robot enthusiasts of all ages!

The School Robot Competition: the network is thrilled to announce the return of our successful robot drawing and story competitions, inviting primary schoolchildren nationwide to share their robot-inspired creativity with a team of top judges. The inaugural competitions in 2020 attracted an impressive number of entries from primary school-age children up and down the country, and this year’s competitions promise to be even bigger and better following the re-opening of UK schools last month.


Events organised

UK-RAS White Papers 2021 Launch Event

Role: Organiser & Host

23rd July 2021, 13.00