Domenico Prattichizzo is professor of Haptics and Robotics at University of Siena and a Senior Scientist of the IIT in Genova with more than 500 publications in scientific journals, books, and conference proceedings. Inventor of more than 12 patents filed of haptics, robotics and wearables. He is also an IEEE Fellow, Editor in Chief of IEEE Transactions on Haptics and President of the Eurohaptics society. Domenico’s research considers haptics, prosthetics, and augmentation. Domenico is coordinator of the Horizon Europe Project HARIA on Human Sensorimotor Augmentation.

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Human augmentation for medical robotics

Talk: Human sensorimotor augmentation via wearable interfaces and supernumerary robotic limbs: the intrinsic kinematic nullspace
Role: Speaker

26th June 2022, 08.00