Antoine Barbot received a Ph.D in 2016  for my work focusing on mobile magnetic microrobot inside microfluidic chip made C2N-CNRS.

He then started a postdoctoral position in Imperial College London where he focused on microrobotic applied to non-invasive surgery. He particularly developed floating magnetic microrobot for flexible microelectronic assembly as well as micropneumatic and microfluidic sampling and delivery system embedded at a capillary tip. Right now, he is focusing on the use of the capillary forces toward the development of compact micromecanism. He especially interested in the conception, model and control of a micrometric fluid joint. This joint would connect micro-element with a liquid drop allowing several degrees of freedoms with a compact design.

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Advancements on micro-nanorobotics for medical applications

Talk: Surface tension based robotic toward compact microrobot for surgery
Role: Speaker

21st June 2021, 16.00