Dr J Van den Dobbelsteen directs research with a focus on the development of principles needed to realize advanced systems and tools for improvement of medical efficiency and safety.

Systems for real-time monitoring of medical procedures are developed and studied using both analytical and experimental approaches. Image-guided instruments for targeted treatment are designed and validated through studying instrument-tissue interaction and simulation. Application areas include interventional radiology, cardiovascular procedures, surgery and gynecology.

Dr Van den Dobbelsteen teachs classes related to experimental design, medical device prototyping, medical safety, and medical technology.


Novel Steerable Needle Design for LDR Brachytherapy in the framework of CoBra Project


Within the department of Biomechanical Engineering at TU Delft we mainly focus on the development of novel medical instruments for minimally invasive therapy. The novel Steerable Needle Design to optimize LDR brachytherapy interventions is being conceived within CoBra Project framework by the PhD researcher Martijn de Vries. Steerable needles should allow for: better control of the needle track and end location during needle placement and allow for a large reach within the prostate for a more homogeneous doses. Needle steering is achieved by the use of a compliant mechanism integrated in the needle tip, which can be actuated at the proximal end. Linear movements of the motors on the proximal end allows for steering at the distal end of the system. Preliminary tests under 3 T magnetic field show the feasibility of such design for application in-bore under live-MRI. The needle tip was steered in agar-agar phantom, actuating the needle in open-loop while tracking the needle tip under live MRI. During the test, the tip was bent approximately 7 mm and was trackable. The next steps are shielding of electronics for improved imaging and optimising the selection of imaging sequence.

Learning outcome:

Understanding the specifics of the Steerable Needle Design for LDR brachytherapy in MR-environment.

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Talk: Novel Steerable Needle Design for LDR Brachytherapy in the framework of CoBra Project
Role: Speaker

23rd July 2021, 15.00