Dr Nazila Kamaly joined Imperial recently as faculty in 2019.  She was previously an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, where she was awarded a Lundbeck Fellowship to develop targeted nanomedicines for heart disease.

Before that she held postdoc positions at Harvard Medical School and at MIT from 2011-2016. Previous to this she did a postdoc and also her PhD in the Chemistry Department at Imperial. Prior to this she was awarded an MSci degree in Medicinal Chemistry from UCL.

She has been developing nanomedicines, nanodiagnostics and nanotheranostics for almost 2 decades now. Research in the Kamaly group is highly multidisciplinary and uses bioinspired approaches to synthesise targeted multi-functional polymeric nanoparticles and biomaterials capable of changing their surface or core properties in response to local or up-regulated disease markers for stimuli-responsive and spatiotemporally controlled biological drug delivery. These nanoparticles are synthesised using nanopolymerisation reactions in confined droplets. The group also investigates the nanoparticle-biointerface using biomicrofluidic models with controlled environmental parameters for testing nanoparticle physicochemical properties.


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