Dr Brice Gayet is Professor of Digestive Surgery at the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris (IMM), Universite Paris Descartes.

Dr Gayet has pioneered developments in laparoscopy in the end-1980s and participated in the creation of the European School of Surgery (EEC) in Paris. He was previously the president of the Paris Hospitals College of Medicine, Secretary general of the French Society of digestive surgery (SFCD) and president of the French Society of Endoscopic Surgery (SFCE), president of the IMM’s medical board and member during 12 years of the French University National Council (CNU). Besides practicing surgery, he is involved as a founder in the robotics company MoonSurgical, based on the comanipulation concept, with the aim of facilitating minimally invasive interventions in urology, gynaecology, thoracic and digestive surgery, ultimately improving the safety of operations.

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