I want only success for the patient. Be resolute, Educate and be prepared.

Progressive Cardiac Surgeon. Team Leader of Transcatheter therapy for Valvular Disease in Cardiac Surgery at San Raffaele Hospital, Milan since 2013. Under the guidance of Prof. Alfieri, Prof. Maisano and Prof. Colombo I developed my skills and mentality in minimally invasive cardiac surgery (Mitral and Aortic Field). I co-sterted the Transcatheter Programme in the Center. Important Contribution to early experience of different TMVR Technologies (Tendyne, Tiara, Cardiovalve Saturn). Skilled TAVI and Mitral-tricuspid percutaneous repair operator. Principal and CO-Principal Investigator of different Italian and international studies on this field (e.g. Triluminate, Trivalve registry, Observant). Member of the steering Committee of The Techno College (European Congress of EACTS) and Member of The Nucleus for cardiothoracic Surgery as fellow of European Society of Cardiology.

I had the honor of the podium presenting personal line and sponsorized research at major Congresses (ESC, AATS, EuroPCr, London Valves, TVT, TCT). My core interest is developing new technologies. Expert in pre-clinical Trial and animal studies (Cardioband, 4Tech Tricinch, Saturn, MTex in CRABBCC and IMM facilities).

Main Operator in First in Human experience of 4Tech Tricinch 2nd Gen and Saturn TMVR.
Rethinking of culture and education is the future of cardiac surgery. Author and co-author of more than 100 publications (in peer review papers from international study group and internal group, chapters in books) and member of Editorial Boards of peer reviewed journals.

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