Adrien Bartoli has held the position of Professor of Computer Science at Université Clermont Auvergne since fall 2009 and has been a member of Institut Universitaire de France (2016-2021).

He leads the Endoscopy and Computer Vision (EnCoV) research group at the University and Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand. His main research interests are in computer vision, including image registration and Shape-from-X (silhouettes, shading, texture etc.) for rigid and deformable environments, and their application to computer-aided medical interventions.

Title: Laparoscopic Augmented Reality from Preoperative Image Data

Abstract:  Laparoscopic liver resection substantially reduces the trauma compared to open surgery procedures. However, in spite of the numerous recent technical achievements, such as 3D vision and tele-manipulation, laparoscopic liver resection remains challenging in many cases and is yet far from forming the standard approach. One of the main difficulties is the localisation of the hidden structures, such as the tumours to resect and the vessels to respect. Augmented reality from preoperative image data is a possible approach to aid localisation. The key idea is to overlay information extracted from the preoperative CT, a modality which is generally not accessible intraoperatively, and within which key internal structures are clearly visible. This idea raises a major computer vision problem: finding the non-rigid transformation from the preoperative 3D CT volume to the intraoperative 2D laparoscopic image. I will present our efforts in proposing approaches to solve this problem and their validation on phantom and clinical data.


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Computer Vision and Augmented Reality in Surgery

Talk: Laparoscopic Augmented Reality from Preoperative Image Data
Role: Speaker

27th July 2021, 15.00