Prof. Rochdi Merzouki Professor Robotics & Mechatronics / CoBra Project leader at CRIStAL-UMR CNRS 9189 / University of Lille

Pr. Rochdi Merzouki is a Professor in Robotics and Mechatronics at CRIStAL laboratory, University of Lille. He is the head of the International Master in Robotics and Transport (MRT) and System of Systems Engineering (SofTE) research group. He was the coordinator of the EU project Intelligent Transportation for Dynamic Port Environment (InTraDE 09-15), where he contributed with his team in designing intelligent autonomous vehicle IAV and he is currently project coordinator of the EU Interreg 2seas project Cooperative Brachytherapy (CoBra 18- 22).

His main research interests are: system of systems engineering, modelling, control of autonomous and soft robotics.


Integrated CoBra Robotic Solution for Treatment and Diagnosis of Localized Cancers


The integrated CoBra robotic solution in the framework of Interreg 2 Seas Programme Funded by ERDF is developed for the treatment and diagnosis of localized tumors in MRI environment.

It is composed of the following hardware elements: the automated robot guide with 5 degrees of freedom (Ulille), with interchangeable Biopsy Module (Demcon) and Brachytherapy Module with steerable needle (TUDelft) and the seed loader (ULille). The software basis is represented by the dose calculation and trajectory construction algorithms for treatment planning in real time with regards to MR imaging, the simulation platform coupled with bio-inspired phantom for tests and trainings.

The robot guide in particular is composed of a parallel robot mechanism sized to cover a 3D workspace of prostate organ area accessible from lithotomy position of the patient. It can be controlled in closed loop jointly in position and velocity. This is due to the presence of encoders and absolute sensors for their joints and links operating in 3 Tesla MR fields.

The main advantages of the CoBra solution are its high-field MR-compatibility, real-time adaptation, precision, automation and time-efficiency all of which contribute to overall performance in diagnosis and treatment of localized cancers.

Learning outcome

Introduction to the new method improving the quality of both diagnosis and treatment of localized cancers, by developing a new medical robot prototype.


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Talk: Integrated CoBra Robotic Solution for Treatment and Diagnosis of Localized Cancers
Role: Speaker & Organiser

23rd July 2021, 15.00